Future University In Egypt (FUE)
Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Study duration

The master’s degree course lasts a minimum of two years. The first year starts in September and ends with the final exams in June. Students may register their theses once they pass the first semester, although registration shall be canceled if they do not pass the first semester within two or three years or if they did not pass the second semester within five years from the date of registration. A student’s supervisor may suggest extending his or her studies for a maximum of two semesters (One complete year), if this suggestion is accepted by the faculty board and approved by the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research in the University.

Following the Master’s course includes two main parts as follows:

First Part:

  • Two semesters of sixteen weeks each
  • An advanced practical curriculum in basic medical practice and ecology in the field of dental and oral surgery and statistical and geometrical sciences.

Second Part:

Study duration is at least one year and includes practical and specialized study and advanced clinical training.

Study duration (Arabic).