Future University In Egypt (FUE)
Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Exam System

Exam timetable

First part

  • Exams are held twice annually in January (First semester) and in June (Second Semester) of the same year.
  • Students may register for the second semester once they have passed the first semester.
  • Exams for those students who have failed in January are repeated in June. Exams for students who fail again in June will be repeated in January.
  • In the second semester, exams for students who fail subjects June are repeated in September and, if failed in September, they are repeated the following June.

Second part

  • Exams for the second part are held twice annually in January and June of the same year.

Conditions for attending exams

  • Students must have followed satisfactorily all the curriculum, as specified in the regulations, and have attended no less than 75 percent of the lectures in each curriculum before being allowed to sit any exam
  • Students must have completed all the assignments, which are specified in the curriculum, before being allowed to sit any exam
  • In order to pass the course, in both the first and second semesters, all students must get a grade of no less than 60 percent of the maximum of the total grade in each individual exam, including written, practical, clinical, and oral exams
  • Students who fail to attend any exam or part of it, without an excuse acceptable to the faculty, will be considered as having failed that exam
  • Students who fail in either the first or second part of the master’s course shall be considered as having failed only in those parts of the curriculum that they did not pass
  • Student who failed in some parts of the curriculum in the first semester may study those curricula in the following semester, provided they sit exams in those subjects, which they failed with the exams of the following semester.

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